Vehicle fleet insurance

Vehicle Fleet Insurance applies to any company that has more than 5 vehicles of any type Passenger / Trucks / Machinery / Clarks


Coverage range:

Motor Insurance covers the mandatory statutory coverings:

  • Physical damage to third parties: € 1,220,000
  • Material damage to third parties: € 1,220,000

Optionally, the following risks are covered for the vehicle itself or its owner and driver:

  • Fire, fire caused by terrorist actions, strikes
  • Total or partial theft
  • Damage caused by natural phenomena, vehicle damage, damage caused by terrorism, strikes or malicious actions
  • Crystal breakage
  • Material Damage caused by an uninsured vehicle
  • Fire legal liability, civil liability on cargo, civil liability within guarded areas, and civil liability during carriage
  • Road and travel assistance
  • Legal vehicle protection
  • Driver’s and/or owner’s personal accident
  • Driver’s and/or owner’s Hospital Care
  • Car rental in case of damage from covered risk
  • Malus bonus protection

An important and necessary covering, for some uses, is the COVERING TOOL regarding its civil liability towards third parties.

We are able to insure you with the most specialized fleet insurance programs.