Travel insurance

Travel insurance offers you the travel assistance that you need on every trip, both in Greece and abroad.

It provides you with a range of travel deals for common unexpected issues, such as flight delay, luggage and documents loss or cancellation of a scheduled trip. It also provides legal support in case you need it.

In addition, travel insurance provides you with all the valuable support and help you need to deal with cases such as an urgent medical problem, 24 hours a day, all over the world.

On every trip, by any means you may travel, you will be responsible for the full handling of each emergency incident.

Travel agencies offer simple coverage such as: Loss of life / permanent total disability due to accident, medical expenses due to accident, repatriation as a consequence of accident, and loss of luggage. Usually they are low-cost and cost-group contracts so as not to burden the final price of the packages offered. Besides the low cost, the information given to the consumer is considered not to be very satisfactory.