Personal accident insurance

Our everyday life involves dangers that we cannot exclude. It is wonderful, however, to know that there is a way to feel confident about tomorrow – for yourself and your family. Personal Accident Insurance programs offer your loved ones the right to cover your health insurance, or your income, after an accident (car accident, workplace accident, etc.).

By distinguishing the different needs of a family, we can offer you individual, family and special programs for children.

Personal Accident Programs have an annual duration and, depending on your choice, it includes the following coverage:

  1. Life loss caused by an accident
  2. Permanent Total / Part Incapacity caused by an accident
  3. Immediate total disability due to accident per month (maximum 12 months)
  4. Medical Expenditure on / off Hospital due to accident
  5. Hospital Benefit from an accident or illness per day
  6. Loss of income from illness (for a specific income)
  7. Surgical Benefit from Accident or Illness
  8. Wide Hospital care caused by illness or accident