Legal protection insurance

It covers the insured in the following cases:

– When the insured person or a member of his / her family wishes to claim compensation from the third party or his / her insurance company for personal injuries or property damage caused to him / her or to his / her assets and property.

– When the insured person or his / her family members have to defend themselves in criminal courts to refer to the violation of criminal, police, sanitary and traffic violations negligently.

– Where differences arise between the insured person or members of his family in the exercise of a professional activity in a dependent professional relationship with the employer, whether they are claiming or repudiating claims, for example, overtime, licenses, contract complaints, damages.

– When differences arise with their insurance funds (pension and health care)

– When a lawyer’s advice is needed for family and inheritance law matters as well as voluntary jurisdiction.

– Differences from contractual contracts of daily life such as: purchases and sales of items, repairs, loans, private bills, services, etc.

– Leases with the owner of the insured’s house (a special premium can also cover disputes between owners who run outlets or apartments).

– In disputes with his insurance company on contracts of life, fire, theft, accidents, etc.