Legal protection insurance


– The insured person in the capacity of a trader or a self-employed person, for a professional activity, which will refer to the policy.

– Family members if they are employed in the business. Employees, craftsmen or workers in the exercise of their professional activity.

Please note: If we add the cover for differences in professional contracts with the clients and the suppliers, we create the Joint Professional Legal Protection Program. In this area, the claims of the insured person are usually covered by unsecured checks and bills of exchange, unpaid invoices,

The development of the insurance programs of LP

Apart from the classical programs of the industry that is the LP. Vehicle & Guide, the Family and Professional LP, a large number of programs have been developed over the decades – mainly by the specialized companies in the industry – with the result that many products are now available on the market, covering the real needs of consumers such as :

– LP Recreational boats

– LP Blockhouse management

– LP Rental / Lease of real estate

– LP Doctors / Nurses

– LP Insurance Ombudsmen

– LP Accountant of PP Consumer

– LP Private / Public Employees

– LP Carrier / Intermediary etc.