Group health – life – pension insurance

Benefits of Life & Health Programs

Life / Disability Insurance:

The company that places its human resources at the forefront, is understandably defining the life insurance of its associates as one of the most important issues. Covering the program that offers them in the event of an unexpected is effective and comprehensive:

– Takes care of the support of his family if the insured person loses his life by offering them an amount which, depending on the program he has developed in cooperation with the employer, can be a multiple of the monthly salary or alternatively a certain fixed amount.

– At the same time, if due to an accident or illness a partner is unfit for work, he is covered through his policy with the amount the company has provided.

– Unexpected events, as we all know, can upset our lives and our economic balance. The group program enables the interested company to offer its employees substantial insurance, choose to pay an allowance as compensation in case of loss of income if, due to an accident or illness, the insured person temporarily loses his / her ability to work.

– the interest for our partners does not stop even if for some reasons the collaboration stops, the group program enables those who have not passed the sixtieth year to continue their insurance with an individual contract and privileged conditions.

For businesses:

– Account Manager, providing the business with all the necessary information for the usage of the program.

– Personnel Training Seminars

– Updating Human Resources Department

– Analytical compensation briefing

– Consulting Services to create the best complementary program for the company’s executives.

For the Insured:

– Information brochure with all the necessary information for the Group Insurance Scheme.

– Detailed information on damages.

We are at your disposal to contribute to the final configuration of your specialized financially, Insurance Program.