Family liability insurance

We all know that anyone who causes damage to a human being (material injury or physical injury) is compelled to compensate him morally and legally. This obligation is known as civil liability towards third parties. These damages can be caused by ourselves or even members of our family. Thus, the civil liability of the family member, for accidents to third parties by acts or omissions of the same, his spouse, his children or other relatives living under the same roof with him, is covered, for the following cases exclusively related with their private life:

  • walking as pedestrians,
  • being passengers of public transport (car, rail, ship, airplane);
  • being in possession of a cat or dog (except for rottweiler, doberman and pitbull)
  • amateur engaging in any sport other than those relating to vehicles, boats or any means of transport
  • riding a bicycle
  • the operation of their main or secondary residence for accidents such as:

– fire, short circuit, explosion, boiler break, but only for physical injury

– pipe breakage, tank overflow, water leakage

– the lift operation provided that it is maintained regularly and according to the manufacturer’s specifications by a qualified technician.

– Poisoning from food or drinks consumed at the residence, provided that there are at least three (3) victims of the same event.

  • acts or omissions of permanent or temporary staff employed at the house, as well as guests or visitors.