Directors and officers insurance

Whom it concerns:

Management insurance programs cover all persons who are legally responsible for the management of a company and who exercise its legal representation. These are the members of the board of directors, the chairman, the managing director and the general manager.


What it covers:

Third-party liability insurance coverage is triggered by third party claims, and in most cases it involves the costs of a specialist adviser to investigate the case, the cost of legal protection, and if there is proven liability for payment of the out-of-court settlement or compensation to be decided by the court. In particular, it can cover claims:


From shareholders for:

– mismanagement, mistakes and omissions, unjustified expenses, breach of duty

– misleading (eg creative accounting)

– violation of the Company’s Articles of Association


From traders (banks, customers, suppliers, competitors) for:

– failure to comply with agreements or breach of contract

– infringement of intellectual property rules

– Incorrect display of financial data

– exploitation of “sensitive” commercial information


Employees for:

– illegal termination of a contract of employment (dismissal)

– violation of labor regulations or terms of employment contract

– bias (discriminatory treatment)

– deprivation of promotions and promotions

– sexual harassment