Cyber insurance

Personal Data Loss Coverage protects you against the consequences of online risks as well as any physical loss of a personal data files. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, as well as companies that store payment data and a big amount of sensitive commercial data require increased care and security.


The Personal Data Loss Cover Program covers all costs incurred, such as:

Data Liability

It covers the financial consequences of losing or using sensitive customer or employee data.

Crisis management and data leakage education

It covers the provision of counseling services by specialized online risk groups, as well as by recognized public relations firms to help you strategically cope with the crisis.

Among other things, it includes:

  • Technical analysis and evidence detection after data breach or leakage.
  • Assistance in managing corporate reputation and personal reputation of executives.
  • Online risk education.
  • Coverage of third party information and costs monitoring.

Administrative Obligations

Coverage is provided for reasonable professional fees for legal advice and representation in relation to data protection research.

Coverage of fines from data loss

It covers the costs incurred by the authorities in charge, for the loss of personal data.

Electronic Data

Provides coverage for the cost of recovering or re-collecting data after a leak or violation.

Disconnection of corporate network operation

It covers the loss of net profits due to a disconnection of the insured’s network due to a security breach.


It covers damages and defense costs incurred, related to a violation of third party literary property or negligence in relation to electronic content.

Personal data disclosure blackmail, in cyberspace

It covers ransom payments to third parties who threaten to disclose confidential data obtained illegally.