Alexandros Nasikas studied Accounting and Finance at the Alexandrio Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, and participated in his studies in Portugal at the Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administracao do Porto (ISCAP). During his studies he attended at the Research Institute of Macedonia at the same time a semester course in Insurance and Financial Sciences and passed the examinations of the Certified Insurance Consultants. He has attended several hours of seminars on the organization and management of time / estimates of real estate / business administration etc.

Since May 2017 he has been specialized in the postgraduate program entitled “Insurable Risk Management”.

In June 2011 he has taken over the company of his father Stefanos Nasikas, named Nasika®.

He is certified from the Bank of Greece as an Insurance Consultant – Insurance & Reinsurance Agent. Also he is certified Realtor Immobile Property Assessor.

The company has been for 32 consecutive years since 1985 provides comprehensive Private Insurance and Property Management / Development services. Our goal is to design and implement every proposal based on your real needs, in collaboration with experienced professionals, with love and respect for what they do and a human-focused mentality.